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Make your instax photos even more fun with the classic instax mini film with white border. Each box contains 20 shots of high quality credit-card sized photos that you can fit into a purse, wallet or mini photo frame. 
The instax mini film has a glossy finish, is simple to use and easy to load. 
Compatible with all instax mini cameras and instax mini printers


How to use


Simply unwrap the film cartridge from the foil packaging, line up the yellow marker on the film cartridge to the yellow marker on the film slot inside of the camera and insert.


Hazards and Cautions


Do not cut, peel apart or puncture either new film or newly used film.  This film contains a small amount of  caustic paste (high alkaline), which may remain active for up to 10 min after the picture has been taken.


Important info


  • Print size: 54x85mm (2.2x3.3")
  • Image size – 46x62mm (1.8x2.4")
  • ISO 800

Fujifilm Instax mini film twin pack - 20 Shots

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